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J&L Capital Resources offers loans and leases starting at $5,000 and up to amounts with no top end
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About J&L Capital Resources

Finance Lease / Conditional Sale

  • Combines benefits of leasing with those of ownership.
  • Payment spread over several years, often representing the full value of the equipment.
  • Opportunity to own equipment at the end of lease agreement with a minimum payment.

True Lease / Tax Lease

  • Lessor is the legal owner of the equipment.
  • Benefits those with equipment susceptible to obsolescence.
  • Lower monthly payment than a Finance Lease.
  • Can claim payments as a tax deduction.
  • Options available at the end of lease:
    • Purchase equipment at fair market value
    • Continue lease
    • Return equipment

Operating Lease / Contract Lease

  • Short term (up to 5 years, some 7 year leases available).
  • Lessor takes a residual position.
  • May qualify for "off balance sheet" financing.
  • May purchase Equipment at end of lease for a fixed residual.

Skip Lease

  • Repayment schedule allows months without payment, without penalty.

Flexible Financing Programs

  • 60 to 90 days Deferred Lease
    • May be structured as a finance lease or true lease.
    • Next payment due 60 to 90 days after the lease starts.
    • Candidates: Businesses that acquire income-producing equipment that take a few months to begin generating revenue.
  • 7 x $100 Program - $100 in advance followed by the next 6 months at $100 with regular payments following.
  • $20 in Advance Program - $20 paid in advance takes delivery. Regular payments following.
  • 10% Security Deposit - 10% security deposit in advance, which can be used for the 10% buyout at the end.
  • Seasonal Program - Designate which 3 consecutive months required as "no payments" with normal payments the other 9 months of the year.
  • Special structures - Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly plans available