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Financing Guidelines for Truck/Trailers Deals for Trucking Companies

First time purchase with 3 years driving experience

  • Regional Hauls Only
  • 680+ credit scores and homeownership
  • Need to submit: 2yrs tax returns, personal financial & 3 months bank statements
  • Past borrowing reference (i.e. car loan, etc.)
  • Buying 2001 or newer truck or trailer - Rates start at 12%+
  • (Not available in RI, VT, SD, AK & HA)

Owner Operators with 2+ years TIB

  • Rates start at 12%
  • Homeownership helps unless applicant has had commercial borrowing history on previous truck/trailer and has clean, personal credit.
  • If no past commercial borrowing, need tax returns & personal financial TransUnion score of 680+
  • Must have a minimum of 50% available revolving debt, cannot be maxed out on credit cards.

Regional Haulers Only

  • Rates start at 10.5%
  • If 3 years TIB, Homeownership, 680+ credit score
  • Past comparable commercial borrowing, if none, need tax returns
    • "O" down program - App only to $75,000
    • Trucks and Trailers - Year 2001+ and newer

App only to $150,000

  • Rates start at 9.5%
  • Need 3 years TIB, Homeownership not required, minimum size deal $40K.
  • 700+ credit score, 3 months bank statements, past financing references
  • Trucks with <350,000 miles - max age 2003
  • Trailers - max age 2003

Trucking Companies with 5+ power Units

  • Rates start at 6%
  • 3 years time in business, 650+ credit scores
  • Comp credit history (50%) on previous truck/trailer purchase
  • Trucks - 2003+ or newer
  • Trailers - 2003+ or newer

Reasons a deal may be declined: Past due on Home Mortgage

Credit Score under 600
More than 30k in credit card debt
Open tax liens with no payment plans
Bankruptcy less than 3 yrs old
Recent slowness on bureau
Weak cash flow

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